Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow my wife is going to a 3D ultrasound to check out our new baby (yes, for those who are doing the math in their heads, this would be child number four.  And yes, our oldest right now is 4 years old.  So yes, we are officially insane.  Sue us.  😛 ).  We’ll be finding out the sex, naturally.  I think it’s going to be another girl, and I’m batting 3 for 3 so far on baby predictions, so I’m confident the results tomorrow will be favorable.  🙂

Ericka decided it would be fun to make a little contest out of it, though.  So here’s how it works:

  1. Go to my Facebook Page
  2. Go to either the post referring to this blog entry or to Ericka Pawlowski’s shared post on my page wall.
  3. Leave a comment whether you think it’ll be a boy or a girl.
  4. Those who get it right will be put into a hat, and one lucky winner will get a free print copy of Masters of the Sun, signed, of course, by yours truly.

Sounds great, right?  We’ll pick the winner on Sunday, the 15th of April.  So get your tushies over there and pick a sex.  What have you got to lose?