More POD

One of the cool things that I saw at Dean’s workshop was books, a lot of books, from the other writers in the workshop.  Several people brought their POD paperbacks to show Dean.  Of course, that first night, I smacked myself in the head because I had intended to do the same, but forgot to pack the proof copy of Masters.  Fortunately, my better half is the bomb, and she mailed it to me so I could show off also.  🙂

A couple of those writers had long novelette/short-novella length books in POD.  That made me do a double-take because I had not really thought of putting such a short length book in print.  But turns out, it’s totally doable.  Dean broke out one of his Poker Boy short story collections, priced at $7.99 if I recall correctly, to show us how he did it.  Here was a book with five stories, about 15,000 words plus or minus, in a nice tight print edition.  Add in Mark Fasset with his Zombies Ate My Mom novella in print and I had a revelation.

There is no reason I can’t put out shorter length works in print as well.  And I damn well ought to.

So I decided to get A Jar Of Mixed Treats out there and, once I hear back from Writers of the Future about The Champion, put out my four novelettes as a print and ebook collection.

Today, I worked on A Jar Of Mixed Treats.  After going through the learning curve with Masters of the Sun, it only took me an hour or two this afternoon, in between kid interruptions, to get the interior layout and cover created.  Here’s the cover.  It’s simple, but then it doesn’t need to be fancy.  And I like simple.

It’s thin, just 80 pages in 5in x 8in format.  But it’ll work.  And that’s one more thing in print, which is a good thing.

I expect to have the files approved in the next day or so, and get the proof around the end of the week or early next week.  Pretty cool.  🙂

What’s cooler is that as soon as I finish Grandfather’s Pendant and hear back from Writers of the Future about The Blob On the Rock (Assuming I don’t win the contest.  Hey, stranger things have happened, right?) I’ll have another five stories that I can put into a collection.  And I’ll be able to make a collection of ten as well.

There are a few other stories lurking around that I’m working on too: the cop story I started a while back and The Wattery Tart, to name two.  And the longer heist story that I began and then sidelined last summer.  I should probably get back to them, now that I think about it.  But they’re mysteries, not SF or Fantasy, so they’ll go under a different pen name, Alex Mariner, which is the name I’m using for The Billionaire’s Daughter, which I finished during the workshop.  So before long I’ll have a collection ready to go under a different name in a different genre, too.

I tell you, the possibilities are limitless.  🙂

Right.  Back to writing.  Or something.