30,000 Word Challenge – Day 4

Here’s my Day 4 stats: 3,991 for the day, bringing my total for the challenge to 11,480.

Not too shabby.  Now, I should be at 12,000 to be completely on track for 30,000 by the end of next Friday.  So I’m still a little behind.  But I’m confident I can do another 4,000 words or more tomorrow, to get completely back on track.

Yesterday, I had the notion to focus on a short story today, and I started out going that way.  I recalled a cop story I’d started a while back, but set aside after all of 300 words or so.  I picked it back up and got another 716 words down on it today, but I sort of lost interest a bit, got bogged down.  So I shifted back over to the Scifi Thriller again.  I’ve now got 12,069 words down on that story.  Pretty good, considering earlier this week I was at all of about 4,000, give or take.

So I guess tomorrow I’ll try to finish that cop story, or just write a different short.  I’d still like to get those three more shorts and a collection up tomorrow night.  Guess we’ll see.  Worst case, I’ll just get the two up that are basically ready (except they don’t have covers up yet).

So yeah, it’s been a pretty decent day, as far as writing goes.  And, really, in general.

Because this evening, I learned that Netflix has Twin Peaks available to stream through my PS-3.  And they’ve got They Live.  How sweet is that, huh?