30,000 Word Challenge – Day 3

Didn’t do as well today…or, well, I suppose yesterday at this point. I only got about 1600 words down.  But I’ve got an excuse.  The power went out when a huge thundershower passed through at around 5 pm, and didn’t come back on until 9 or 9:30.  Now, I use a laptop, so I was able to write.  But it started getting dark inside the house, and I decided to roam around for a bit until the power came back on.  And then I screwed off for a while.

So yeah, not really a great excuse, but there it is.

I lost track of my exact number of words I got down because I wrote some more from 11-ish until 12:30, and I had previously set the Scrivener session statistics to reset every night at midnight, in keeping with my desire to track projects by their deadline dates. That sort of messed up my accounting today, though. But I did one scene of 1161 words, and half of a second for 422 words, plus a few other things here and there that likely didn’t add up to more than 100 words.  So that’s how I came up with 1600 words for the day.

Today’s work brings the total word count on the scifi thriller to 8794: not too shabby, and over 10% of the way to my target of 80,000 words. Not that I really expect the story to take that many words to complete. It may need more, maybe less. It’ll be what it’ll be. But it’s good to have a goal to shoot for.

Anyway, with those 1600 words, that brings me to 7489 on my challenge so far. Now for me, getting out that many words in three days is great! But it’s not up to snuff for this challenge. I need to be at 9,000 words by now to be on track. So that just means tomorrow needs to be at least a 4,500 word day.

That’s probably not going to be so hard.  I think the two weekend days ought to be very productive, since I’ve got nothing else lined up but this writing challenge.  I think tomorrow will be a short story day.

So yeah, I’m beat, so I’m hitting the sack.  Cheers.