30,000 Word Challenge – Day One

Flawless Victory today.

I completed 648 words toward my scifi thriller, and 2885 words toward a short story.  Total: 3533 words.  Sweet!

The short story is entitled In Your Sleep.  I wrote it for the second volume of the Machine Of Death anthology.  The first volume made a big splash last fall when it went to #1 on the Amazon list.  I’d heard of it before, but hadn’t realized they were doing another volume until today, when I heard about it while listening to the Sword and Laser podcast.  I immediately went over to their website and was intrigued by the concept.  Then, after a couple hours thinking about it at work, I hit upon a concept that I thought was money.

Tonight, after I got home, I did some writing toward the scifi thriller, but I got bogged down.  So I said “Screw it” and switched to the MOD story.  I cranked it out in a few hours, then proofread it and sent it off to the submissions people.

I guess we’ll see what they think.

But, whether accepted or not, I made my word count for today, so I’m on the way toward meeting my goal of 30,000 words by the 15th.  Sweet!