I spent the weekend, and the 4th, at my in-laws’ house in Pittsfield, Maine.  We came east and up to visit for Independence Day, which is of course, always cool.  They’ve got a big ol’ swimming pool, and the kids (particularly our 2-year old boy) are more and more growing to enjoy swimming.  Plus, her parents are winos, almost worse than me.  🙂  So it’s always good to visit them.

I just got back a short while ago.  Yep, I said I just got back.  She stayed there, with the kids, wanting to spend a couple weeks with her parents.  This is not an unusual occurrence with her, so don’t worry: it’s not like we’re having problems or anything.  But, healthy marriage or no, this means it’s just me for the next ten days.  So what, oh what, shall I do?

Cigars?  Well, duh!  Of course cigars!

Scotch?  Wine?  See above.

Strippers?  Well ok, none of that.  Even if I had the requisite disposable $ in my budget for the month to allow it, that might be a bit uncool, except for a buddy’s bachelor party or something.

PS-3?  Of course.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, specifically with Fallout: New Vegas.  My wife thinks, and I agree, that it’s not the kind of game that I should be playing around the kids.  And of course, when they’re asleep, we have other things to do.  So it’s been months since I last shot me some raiders.  So that’ll be cool.

But no, I think the main thing to do during this time of being a geographic bachelor is clear.  I must write.  Actually, this will be a cool test.  You can see in my last post how many words I’m averaging per month, and per day.  Let’s see if I can blow that completely out of the water.  So I’ve got a new goal for the next ten days: 30,000 words by the time my wife returns on the evening of 15 July.  That’s 3,000 words per day.  Doable, I think, with nothing to do after work each day but eat and write.

Ok, let’s get this party started!