Cover – Done!

Well, the cover journey is now complete.  Last night, I told Jeroen that we’re good to go and paypal’d (Not sure that’s a word; oh well, I made it up) him his money.  So now we’re all set on the cover.  Sweet.  I did ask him to make one more minor change: he brightened the fallen road sign in the foreground a bit, to make it easier to see.  Depending on the screen I’ve looked at it on, it was almost invisible.

So that’s it: the official cover.  🙂

Now I just have to finish squaring away the MS.  I lined up an editor last week.  After looking at the options, and considering what others have said on Kindleboards and the like, I went with Hazard Editing.  Their fees are reasonable, and they’ve worked with some writers who I know are good.  Plus, they seem good to work with from the initial 5 page editing sample.  But then, I may just be saying that because they said I seem to “know my chops” based on those pages.  😛  Guess we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all that’s new on the Masters front. 

In other news, I’ve got about 4,000 words down on my story for Writers of the Future.  I think this one’s going to be shorter than the last one.  Which is probably a good thing.  It’s been pretty fun to write, but it’s funny how a story will evolve.  When I got started on it, I had no idea what to even write about.  Then, at about fifteen hundred words in, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with it.  Now, it seems to be going the exact opposite of what I thought back at that point.  And this way will work out better, I think.  Ah, discovery writing.  Gotta love it.

Right.  I’d best get back to doing work stuff.  Later.