Masters Cover – Round 3

Ok, I got a lot of good feedback from people on the last two drafts Jeroen sent me of the cover for Masters.    And so I’ll ask you guys for feedback on the third draft.  I think this is the best one, and frankly I’m pretty much sold on it.  I think it captures the post-apocalyptic setting better, with the city burning in the distance and the fallen road-sign in the foreground.  I also dig the different color scheme.

What do you guys in internet-land think?

UPDATE: A kind person pointed out that it’s hard to judge without seeing the earlier versions for comparison.  Now granted, one can just scroll down to the previous posts, or go to my Facebook page, to see them.  But how about we make this easy?  Here’s versions 1 & 2: 












I’d say version 3 is a big improvement. You?