Unproductive? Not really….

Wow.  I’ve gotten almost no writing done in the last two weeks.  1800 words toward a short story, that’s it.

But that’s ok.  In reality, I was probably not going to get anything done during this time, however I may have thought differently going in to it.  It’s about priorities.  I’ve been home, off work, sure.  But not idle.  Helping the better half take care of the kids, and in particular little Vasili who just had heart surgery, is far more important.  And fun.

The little man is doing great.  He had his two-week follow-up with the cardiologist today.  Everything looks perfect.  His incision wound is just about fully healed.  The doctor removed the (ONE) suture that closed up his chest tube hole today.  In a week’s time, according to our discharge recommendations, he can go swimming again, if that tells you anything.  Pretty amazing.  🙂

So yeah, I won’t call the last two weeks unproductive.  Not at all.

That said, I got more feedback on Masters.  All good, and all containing valuable input for spelling/grammar and some content issues.  I must admit, I was a bit dejected at the first guy’s input, because he was a bit negative.  Not completely: he did say he enjoyed it.  But there were negative aspects to what he had to say.  That said, these things are subjective, right, and the other feedback aggregates out to being overall positive.  So I feel a bit better now.

So I’ve gone through and corrected spelling and grammar issues that these first readers were good enough to point out.  I’ve got some more readers who I haven’t heard from.  Then we’ll see what Jeroen comes up with.  I’m looking forward to that.  He’s a pretty darn good artist, so I expect it’ll be cool.  Find out soon enough.

So that’s it.  Not too much else new to talk about.  I’m heading back to work on Monday.  That’s a bit of a drag, but you gotta do something to earn a paycheck, right?  Actually, it’s not bad at all.  It’s pretty fun, most days.  Today more than most.  I got my annual nuclear power/submarine officer bonus check today, so I’m feeling particularly upbeat.  Based on that check, I paid off my undergraduate student loan (finally..took long enough) and the remaining principal on the loans to both mine and my wife’s cars.  So that puts us quite a bit closer to our goal of being completely debt free.  Over the last couple years, we’ve become acolytes of Dave Ramsey.  Last year we paid off the credit card, cancelled the account, and cut it in half.  I tell you, it’s a great feeling to not have that stupid thing anymore.

So yeah, I guess things are going pretty well.

That’s really it.  Until next time.