Well, my rant the other day caught some interest.  Yesterday I got the most hits ever on this blog.  Hopefully I haven’t made any eternal enemies.  😛

So the first of the folks who are reading Masters sent me some feedback.  It was overall positive, but the reader gave me some good things to think about that I hadn’t considered.  Interestingly, he said he thought the story was too fast paced, and that by making it that way I didn’t do the story justice.  Honestly, that surprised me, because I was, if anything, worried about the opposite.  As those who read the rant can no doubt attest, I can be long-winded, especially when I get a head full of steam.  So I expected I’d fall into excessively lengthy descriptions and the like, so I tried to keep the story moving forward vice getting bogged down in minutia.  According to reader #1, maybe I should have gone into the minutia a little more.  Or something.

Obviously, this is just one data point.  I’ll see what the other readers have to say before I go make any radical changes.  But I found that feedback interesting.