T-Minus Two Nights, and Counting….

Ok, I’m up to just under 65,100 words.  I’m calling it a night.  I’d like to have gotten more down than I have tonight, but I’m beat.  On the bright side, tomorrow’s going to be an early day at work, so I ought to be able to get a bunch done in the afternoon and evening.  And then, of course, there’s Saturday.  I gotta think, despite having set the progress tracker in my Books page at 75,00 words, that I’ll really be done in less than 70,000.  So with two more nights of writing left on my end-of-April goal, it’s still not out of sight.  We’ll see.

Of course, then I’ll have to get started on Masters‘ sequel.  Eventually.  But first I’m going to spend a few weeks just writing short stories.  Then I’ve got a follow-up for Passing in the Night percolating in my noggin.  I’m thinking a sci-fi thriller, picking up the story where Passing left out.  Then there’s the Dragon story I’ve been thinking of.  And the short story/novellete serial I’m thinking about, following the further adventures of Larian, the main character from How NOT to Rescue a Damsel in Distress.  But that’s still a bit vague in my head.  With all that, I probably won’t get to Masters‘ sequel until later this year.  But that’s ok.  First I have to finish Masters itself.

But not tonight.  Tonight, I’m beat.  Time to punch the sack.