And the Verdict is….

…no sale.

I heard back from Weird Tales this evening.  They’re passing on my Zombie story.  Reads like a form rejection.


Oh well, it’s about what I expected.  I looked up their stats on duotrope, and they reject over 90% of all submissions.  So I’ll look for another place to submit it, or I’ll put it up myself.  No worries.

In the meantime, I’m really almost done with Masters.  I’m over 64,000 words now, and really just a chapter and a half to go.  The problem is, the half is the ending.  And the chapter is one in the middle that, while I know what needs to happen, is just HARD to get through.  So it’s totally doable to finish in the next couple days.  Really.

Right, time to get back to it.  Have a great night, everyone.