Pivotal Moments

I’m working on Masters again tonight, and I just finished a pivotal moment.  Well, two actually.

First, I finished the chapter where the hero fully discovers the nature of the big bad villains.  And, you guessed it, they’re bad.  Quite bad.

So that’s good.

I also got to over 50,000 words written in the story.  That’s rather pivotal too, I suppose.  If only because it’s a nice round number.  Plus, I made my progress goal for the session for the first time this week.  Heck, I exceeded it.  The goal was 1,200 words, and I got about 1,350.  And without difficulty, too, I might add.  The annoying inability to get going that I experienced earlier this week was not there tonight.

So I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m also beat.  So I’m calling it a night and hitting the sack.

Tomorrow, I’m riding 45 miles on my bicycle – more century ride training.  Then I’m taking care of the kids so my better half can work on projects for her business.  I guess I’ll write in the evening.  🙂

That reminds me.  I’m still raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Pretty please, with sugar on top, hit the banner link to the right.  It’ll take you to my fundraising page, where with a couple clicks on a secure server operated by the LLS, you can donate, and help a worthy cause.