Today has been a good day of writing.

After nearly two weeks of at best mediocre progress, I got six or seven hundred words out yesterday. But today I really started firing on all cylinders again. What got me turned around? Partly it was what I talked about the other day: I stopped thinking 5 years in the future and considering all the money I could make and instead got refocused on writing again. Not to say I didn’t think business thoughts at all, but I made an effort to hold myself in check.

Beyond that, though, I was getting bogged down in a couple scenes where, again, I knew where I wanted to go but just couldn’t bring myself to go there.  I couldn’t figure them out.  So I said screw it and jumped forward to a chapter where I knew exactly what had to happen.  Well, I knew one part exactly and the rest generally.  It had more action and a startling revelation, and I was totally looking forward to writing it.  So I just did.  Once again, I’ve jumped four or five chapters ahead, but the last time I did that it kicked off some great fill-in-the-blanks writing to catch up to myself, so I think it’ll help again.

Regardless, I got down over 2550 words tonight between about 1930 and 2330 (just a couple minutes ago).  That’s with an hour spent watching the Tube with the Mrs and some general distractions before everyone else went to bed.  When she and I came up to bed an hour and a half ago, I was at about 1100 words on the day.  Funny how no conversation allows one to just crank, eh?

So I’m feeling good again.  I updated the writing progress graphic under my books tab above to reflect my current word count: 31,850.  Good deal!

Ok, time to hit the sack.  🙂