I’ve thought it through some more, and I need to amend my new goals from the last post, as follows:

  1. There’s no point in taking those two stories down at this point.  They’re already technically published, so it’s not like I can submit them to short story publications anymore.  So I’ll just leave them up, let ’em ride.  Can’t hurt.
  2. I’ll re-evaluate whether or not to put more titles up on the ebook stores in the summer, depending on the status of Masters.  At the very least, nothing else goes up until Masters is ready, though I will submit more shorts to publications regardless.

I feel the need to amend one statement, too.  In the last post, I wrote that sometimes Indies can be arrogant.  Thinking on it some more, that’s not a fair thing to say overall.  I’ve encountered some NEW indy folks who seem pretty cocky, maybe excessively so.  But mostly I think I was just projecting a bit: I think maybe I’VE been a bit arrogant lately.

So now it’s back to what got me started on this whole thing: writing my book.