2.0 FTW!

I’m super psyched.

Since coming back from the writing workshop back in March, I’ve been using Vellum to format my ebooks.  Because it’s awesome, and freaking easy.  And awesome.

While I was up in Oregon, some of the people there, who have an in with the guys from Vellum, told me they’re coming out with a new version that will format print books as well.  That is part of the reason I jumped on it then, because I wanted to learn the program before it changed.  Well…version 2.0 is just about here!  Sweet!

I have been using Scribus (an open source program that works like InDesign) to format print books.  It works well, but it’s a bit clunky and there was a learning curve.  Vellum, for ebooks at least, is easy and produces beautiful products.  If they’ve done as good a job on the print side, this is going to be ridiculously sweet.

I can’t wait to give it a try.