Cell Phone Companies Suck

Looks like AT&T…hell ALL the cell providers…are going to finally push me from iPhone to Android.


I’ve been happy with my iPhone 5, but lately the power button’s been on the fritz – damn thing won’t turn off when I want it to half the time.  And the headphone jack’s become corroded and the audio connection spotty.  All those cumulative days of running and biking with the thing over the last almost 3 years are starting to show.

But no one will cell me a freaking iPhone! Not without their stupid nothing down, pay for the freaking phone forever plans. Screw that.

Oh sure, they still let you just buy the damn thing and do the 2-yr commitment like they used to. But then they charge $25-30/month more per line!

So you’re paying more for the phone ($30/month for 24 months is…wait for it…the full price you’d pay just to get the phone without signing up with any company.  And, sorry, much as I like the iPhone I’m not willing to pay $650 for one.) AND still paying just as much for your cell service.

OR you’re paying the same for your phone as you used to with a 2-yr commitment, but now your 2-yr commitment plan costs more….so you’re paying more for the phone and paying just as much for your cell service.

Fuck that, and fuck them.

I’m done.

I’m this close to just getting an iPod for music, audiobooks, and podcasts, and a prepaid flip phone. I’ll just buy that Garmin watch I’d been wanting to get anyway, and that’ll let me record my biking and running. I don’t really NEED all the rest of that shite, and most of the time I don’t use it.

Or I’m going to get a $150 Android phone from Boost mobile and try that.

Either way, I’m done with AT&T.  And Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint can kiss my tush, because they’re not getting my business either with policies like this.

I will NOT be fleeced!

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Companies Suck”

  1. Beat yo your pillow is punching bag then go buy the new iPhone 6. You will love it. Don’t give up a good thing for a few frustrating pennies.

    I considered switching after i jumped into the pool with my iPhone 5, for all the frustrating reasons you are complaining about. In the end I decided their was no reason to cut off my nose to spite my face and paid $750 cash for my iPhone 6 plus. I am so glad I did. I am so glad i did not let my stubbornness keep me from having this wonderful phone.


    1. I edited your comment to remove your phone number. No need to share that with everyone.

      That said, I must respectfully disagree. Looks like I can get all the functionality I want and more from an Android phone on Boost or Republic Mobile, for cheaper. Haven’t completely made the decision yet, but I’m about 80% there.

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