Moving On Up

This past weekend I experimented with price discounting and promotion again.  Dropped The Pericles Conspiracy down to $0.99 and had a promo through Ereader News Today.  I didn’t put the word out here on on Facebook because I wanted to see what ENT did on its own. 

A picture’s better than words, so…

Pericles 25 Aug 14 Ranking - 0600

Look at that!  #1 in Heists for all of Amazon.  🙂  Not too shabby.  Haven’t been #1 on a paid list before.

Pericles is $2.99 now.  It’ll go back to it’s normal price in a day or two, depending on what kind of traction it gets – if it starts going like hotcakes now that it’s high on a list, maybe I’ll keep it cheap for a while.  If not…   We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about things.  Fun, fun!