Bragging Rights

I know I missed posting the next chapter of The Pericles Conspiracy yesterday.  Look for it later this afternoon.  For this post, however, I feel like bragging a bit, and I’m not even going to be humble about it.  😛

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, physically.

Two Thursdays ago, my wife’s friend informed her that she was injured and could not run the upcoming San Diego Half Marathon, and would either of us like to run it in her place?  The better half looked at me and asked if I was up for it.  Now, I ran that half marathon back in December, but I’ve not run long distance since then.  I’ve been focusing on my swimming because of the Triathlon I had coming up, swimming being my weakest portion of the Tri.  But I figured what the heck, so I said yes.

And so last Saturday I flashed my wife’s friend’s ID at the race expo and got her bib.  Then on Sunday I ran the San Diego Half Marathon.  I finished in 2:17 – over a quarter hour from my best (I set my personal record in the half marathon back in December – 2:00:26), but not too bad considering I had not trained for it at all and I didn’t even know I was going to run it until three days before the event.

But Lordy Lordy was I sore on Monday.  Hell, I was sore all Sunday afternoon.  It wasn’t until Friday that I was back to my usual self, but even then I had a pain in my left foot.

That was a bit of a problem, because this Sunday (today) I was scheduled to swim/bike/run the SEAL Sprint Triathlon on Coronado.  This I HAVE been training for.  So this morning I rolled out dark and early for the race.  I finished in 1:35.  I finished the same race last year (my first Triathlon ever) in 1:43.  So I improved by 8 minutes overall.  I was two minutes faster in each event (700m swim, 20k bike, 6k run) and trimmed 2 minutes from my swim-bike transition time.  Not too bad at all.  🙂

After the race, the Admiral (my wife) and the kids met me on Coronado and we hung out on the beach for a while, then we came home for lunch – hamburgers from the grill.  Yummy.  We’ve been hanging out in the back yard all afternoon.  The kids are messing around in their kiddie pool and I’ve been nursing a couple beers.  My foot still hurts a bit, but I feel great other than that.

So life is good.

Hope all is well with y’all.