Limited Time Offer

Hola Amigos.

Man I’m in a generous mood this month, let me tell ya.  You may recall the novella I published back in November:

What Lurks Between

From a place beyond reality, it comes to consume the world.

For Barry, getting a transfer to a new position as an electrician aboard the Ketcham Space Station summed up his professional life perfectly: just one dead-end job after another. Little did he know that job put the fate of the world in his hands.

Waking up at home with no memory of how he got back from the Station, Barry soon finds that he brought something back with him. Something hungry. Now he has to stop it. Somehow.

I made What Lurks Between exclusive with Amazon for a few months to take advantage of a new feature of their KDP Select program, to see how it works.  It didn’t work out at all.  So I was all set to just yank What Lurks Between from KDP-S and spread it out everywhere in the ebook-verse, but then this month we had good results from a few giveaways and I rethought that.

So, What Lurks Between will remain exclusive to Amazon for another 3 months.  And we’re doing a freebie special on it – today and tomorrow, 27 and 28 February.  Because I love you all and want you to be happy.  And because I want you to read it and…please listen to this because it’s key…leave reviews (even, or especially, bad ones…as long as they’re honest) on Amazon and Goodreads.

Sound like a good deal?  I think it does. 

So go pick up a copy on me.  Have fun, and don’t say I never did anything for you.