It’s 2014 And I Feel Like Crap

…or at least I felt like crap.  I’m actually feeling much better today.  But yesterday and the day before?  Fugedaboutit.  Hacking cough, fever/chills, splitting headache, sore throat, queasiness – you name it, I had it.  Yuck.

Note to self.  No more 1/2 marathons with 37F starting temperatures.  I blame my cold on that little bit of foolishness, right there.  The San Diego Holiday 1/2 Marathon, this past Sunday.  Great race.  Great fun.  Awesome finisher’s medal:


But changing from cold to exertion to warm but no exertion to a bit chilly as I cooled down to warm to chilly again as evening rolled in did a number on my system.  Monday afternoon I developed a cough.  Tuesday morning I was still ok, but by Tuesday afternoon I was AFU.  Good thing it was an early day at work on Tuesday or it would have been ugly.

Suffice it to say that New Years Eve here was non-eventful.  I did not see past 2100.  Yesterday was not that much better.  But now I seem to be past the worst of it.  Unfortunately, our 3 year old seems to have caught what I have/had; he’s been thoroughly miserable today, poor little guy.  🙁

So…a pretty cruddy start to the New Year, physically.

But wait!  There’s more!  And it’s good!

I did manage to gather up enough energy yesterday to give the final approvals, so now Out-Dweller, Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 is out for the world to consume, in all its glory.  🙂

Glimmer2_Cover_Art - Ebook 600x900

A series of brutal murders has shocked the normally quiet town of Lydelton.  With no idea of the culprit’s identity, or even how the murders were committed, the townsfolk have become suspicious of each other, teetering on the edge of panic.  As the town Constables, Raedrick and Julian must put a stop to the murders and bring the killer to justice.   Somehow.

Before they can do that, the arrival of a member of the Magestirium poses another dilemma.  Because their friend Melanie is a mage, in violation of the laws forbidding women from practicing the magical arts, and the Magestirium’s wrath against those who break their laws is legendary.

But protecting their friend’s secret while saving the town from a horrifying killer may not be possible, since defeating this killer will require every resource Lydelton can muster.

Out-Dweller is now live 0n all your favorite ebook stores: Amazon, Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords.  Apple, Sony,  and the others will follow shortly (Apple would be live already if their direct upload process wasn’t such a PITA…but that’s a different rant entirely).  The print version is also available.  I get the most money if you get it direct from Createspace, but if you’d rather find it at Amazon and B&N, you can do that instead.

The giveaways (for Glimmer Vale and Out-Dweller) are finished over at Goodreads, the winners chosen, and I’ll have their copies of the books mailed off within a week.  I considered just drop-shipping the winners’ copies straight from Createspace, but I think it’s more classy to sign and personalize the copy for the individual winners, so I’m going to take the time to do that.  Hopefully no one minds.  🙂

So that bit of goodness sort of balances out the bad of illness.  Almost.  Not quite.

As you can imagine I’ve gotten no writing done so far this year.  Hell, I got basically no writing done all of December.  More on that later; I’ll do an end-of-the-year wrap-up post tomorrow or this weekend.  And I’ll get back to posting chapters of The Pericles Conspiracy.  I haven’t forgotten about it, it’s just been lower on my priorities list than getting settled in our new house, and then the Holidays, and then…well, you know.

Excuses, excuses.



Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time and energy for tonight.  Gonna hit the sack a bit earlier tonight too.  Sleep seems to help with healing and getting over illness.  Seems like I heard that somewhere once.   🙂

Right.  Until next time, then.  Have a good one!

3 thoughts on “It’s 2014 And I Feel Like Crap”

  1. Feel better – get your rest, drink plenty of fluids – you’re a grownup, you know the drill.

    I’m impressed – 1/2 marathon! I can’t walk around the block. Now if you could bottle up some of that energy…

    We just got hit by a half foot of snow – I’m web surfing, ran across your comment on KKR: “These writers are selling millions…and yet millions have never heard of them! That’s great news! It means (for all of us) there is practically (more than just figuratively, but of course not literally) an unlimited number of potential buyer/customers/fans out there waiting to discover…us! They’re just not aware of us yet. We’re not on their radar. But we could be – as we write more and produce more and gain more buzz/attention/notice.”

    This will be the year for the first novel, which is coming along nicely, thank you, posted a scene at a time on my blog on Tuesdays. It is so encouraging to watch those writers who are already way down the pike.

    1. LOL, Alicia. 🙂 I was going to say, you’re putting words in my mouth. 🙂 Sure wish that first quote had been mine – it’s a good one, too. 🙂

      Thanks for the good wishes. We’re slowly coming back to health around here, though as always this dang cough seems like it’s going to linger for a while. *mutter* Happens every year, or close enough…

      I’m glad you stopped by. Good luck with your books and have a great 2014!

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