A New Direction – Again

I got my 1,500 words for the evening (if I do 1,500 words a day, I meet my weekly goal in 5 days, so that’s generally what I shoot for.  I haven’t hit it much over the last couple months, as y’all know.  But I still shoot for it) so I’ve been doing a little reading, and some thinking.

Yes, the thinking hurt my head.  I’m dealing with it.  🙂

Actually, I had this thought earlier today, and in fact a few weeks back.  So here goes:


I’ve seen other writers post their work in their blogs.  And for a while I started to do that, too.  But then I got distracted by, you know, writing, and I stopped.  But I have a bunch of stories finished now, and several longer works.  So I figure I’ll try it again, starting tomorrow.

Since I’m releasing The Pericles Conspiracy this weekend (I decided to just go with the ebook on the 24th, and get the paperback out probably early next week after the new proof gets here.  Enough stalling), the first things I’m going to post are…shocker…related to that.

I think I’ve mentioned before, on several occasions, that Passing In The Night is what inspired Pericles.  It is a hard science fiction novelette and was my first submission to Writers of the Future, and received an honorable mention.  And I’ll have to double check my records, but I think it’s also my best-selling single title so far.  Pericles continues the story that began in Passing, and tells what happened to the crew of the starliner Pericles after their little adventure in Passing.  So Passing In The Night truly is the prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy.

So that will be the first thing I post on here.

Passing In The Night is divided into four parts.  So starting tomorrow, I’ll post the complete story here on my blog over the span of the next week.  Then, starting next Friday I’ll begin posting chapters from Pericles.  Now, Pericles has 63 chapters (hey, it’s 490 pages long.  What do you expect?), so if I only do one chapter a week it’ll take freaking forever to get through the thing.  So I think I’ll do two or maybe three chapters a week.  Then I’ll move on to other titles.  Probably Glimmer Vale next, then others.  Regardless, I’ve got enough stuff now that we’ll be good with fun samples to read for a considerable time.

Sound like a good plan?  I think it does.  Stay tuned.  This should be rather fun.