I Am So Sick Of This Shit

I posted this on Facebook earlier, under my real name.  I debated whether or not to post it here under my pen name, because it’s more than a little political.  But you know what?  I don’t give a damn.  If someone reads this and decides they hate me because of what I think, so be it.

Brace yourselves:


I’ve watched, over the last few days, while all manner of brain-dead people have bemoaned the Zimmerman verdict, as though somehow a man’s inherent right to self defense, the law of the state, and common sense should not apply if the man in question happens to be less tanned than the man he was defending himself against.

More recently, a number of people are pissed about the fact that Rush Limbaugh used the word “nigger” on the radio recently, and never mind the context in which he used it.

Let me put it to all of you bluntly.

I don’t care.

I really and truly don’t care.

I’m serious. I’m sick and tired of having the “racist” charge held over my head because I happen to have less melanin in my skin than then next guy. Especially when the people who are the most demonstrably racist are the ones who sling the accusation.

Who are those people?

Thanks for asking. The Democrat party and their house-slaves in the “civil rights” movement, that’s who. The self-proclaimed “progressives”, the people who stole the word liberal not so long ago and perverted it for their own use. Because make no mistake. Liberal means one who embraces individual liberty. Freedom. And the Democrat party is entirely against that.

More specifically, the Democrats are historically the party of slavery, and racism, and the KKK, and segregation, and Jim Crow, and opposition to interracial marriage, and opposition to civil rights laws. And of course they pushed through affirmative action and welfare, which have demonstrably done more to destroy the African American community than anything the KKK could have ever dreamed of (and small wonder considering how many of the Democrats who pushed those laws were themselves unapologetic members of the KKK). I have no idea how the Republicans could have possibly been inept enough to let the Democrats claim to somehow be the party that likes the common man and minorities, but they did, despite all historical and modern evidence to the contrary.


Consider this. No matter how good relations become between people of varying tans in this nation, the Democrat party as a whole and organizations like the NAACP and the Rainbow Push will never admit to it. Never. Because they derive money and power – a whole lot of money and power – from their use of racial tension to drive people apart.

Morgan Freeman says it better than I ever could:


The truth is that when the modern “liberal” examines Morgan Freeman the only thing that matters to said “liberal” is that he is a black man. To a conservative/libertarian, that is the LEAST important thing. More than that, it is completely irrelevant.

Which is why the outcry against the Zimmerman verdict is so much tripe. It doesn’t matter what his skin pigmentation is, or what Martin’s was. What matters is that Zimmerman was defending himself against deadly force that Martin was using against him. And if their roles were reversed, Martin would have been acquitted as well.

More than that. Martin would never have been brought up on charges, because there would have been no case against him (just as there was no case against Zimmerman). The only reason Zimmerman was charged at all is because Martin had more melanin than he did.

And that’s fucked up.

More than likely, some people are going to read this and get mad. If you are one of them, I have something to say to you. And I mean this truly, from the bottom of my heart:


Go fuck yourselves.


That is all.

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