2013 Writing Goal – Week 17

Hey all.

I’m feeling pretty good.  As I mentioned the other day, I finally finished The Pericles Conspiracy on Saturday, while flying back from Japan.

Well, it’s time to tally up week 17 as a whole.  So without further ado…the graph:

Week 17

Crushed it again!  11,753 words.  Cha-CHING!

Given that this was the last week of April, for all intents and purposes, that brings my April total to a bit over 32,000 words.  That’s pretty decent, and above the monthly requirement to meet or surpass my goal.

That said, we’re now 1/3 of the way through the year, and I’ve written…90,777 words.  33.33% through the year and 30.26% to the goal.  So I’m still a bit behind.  But that’s ok because I only need to keep meeting my weekly goal, or occasionally completely blowing it out, to get to the annual one.  So I’m still not worried.  And of course, even if I miss the annual goal, I still will have produced a bunch of good new stories, so it’ll be a win regardless.

However, I’m not going to write much beyond this post for the first half of this week, because I promised my friend Mark Fassett I would beta read his new book and the due date is Wednesday.  So I’m hunkering down to finish it tonight and tomorrow.  But once that’s done, I’ll be back to writing again.


Right.  Carry on, then.  🙂