2013 Writing Goal – Week 14

Came close this week.  Observe:

Week 14

Of course, close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear weapons.  But in this case I got 5,520 word written instead of 7,500.  That’s still pretty decent.  You’ll note from the graph that I didn’t really do much of anything until Friday, so the fact that I got that much down is actually quite encouraging.

So 14 weeks down, and I got to a bit over 62,000 words on the year.  Not too shabby.  But that means I’m 1/4 of the way through the year and about 1/5 of the way to my goal.  So I’m definitely behind.  🙁

On the bright side, I’m now past 90,000 words on The Pericles Conspiracy.  So close to being done, and yet so far.  These last few chapters feel like they’re dragging, partly because I want to be done so badly and every instant I’m not done feels like a year, and partly because I know exactly where I want to go but how to get there is rather fleeting.  This always happens, but it’s still annoying.  🙁  Nothing to do but push through it, right?  And so I shall.

On another bright side, I started an online workshop with Dean last week: Pitches and Blurbs.  I had planned to go up to Oregon in July for his and Kris‘ new Masters class, but budget and schedule (my wife’s best friend is getting married around the same time as the workshop) are conspiring against me, so I had to bow out.  Instead I’m doing two online workshops: this one and one on Openings, starting next month.  So far it’s going pretty well, and I’m learning some good stuff.  It’s not as cool as actually being there in Lincoln City, but it’s still good.  So I’ll take it.  🙂

Right.  That’s about it for this update.  Hope all y’all in internet-land are doing well.  Until next time!