2013 Progress – Week 4

As part of my accountability for my 2013 writing goal of 300,000 words, in addition to reporting in to Team 250k with the other Oregon Writers Network people, I intend to continue reporting my progress each week.  So without further ado:



Week 4 (beginning Monday, 21 January)

Goal – 7,500 words

Actual Word Count – 5,043 words

Week 4


Total for Year – 14,556 words (4.85% of goal)


So…not awesome.  I didn’t meet my goal this week.  But that’s ok, for a couple reasons:

  1. I got 5,000 words written. Score!
  2. My 7,500 word weekly goal is based on only writing for 40 weeks.  That means I can take 12 weeks off from writing completely and still meet my goal.  In no way does a 5,000 word week constitute taking the week off, so I’m still in positive territory.
  3. Yes, I’ve missed my goal 3 out of 4 weeks, so far.  But the first two were planned, and I still got SOME writing done in them.  In fact, between the three missed weeks and my excess above the goal last week, I’ve actually come close to fulfilling another week’s goals (those three weeks accumulated 7,056 words).  So in terms of actual word count I’ve effective only missed slightly over two weeks worth of writing goal.

Final assessment – I’m still on track, still positive I can do it, still excited, and still having fun.  In short, this year is off to a good start.  That said, I don’t anticipate getting a lot of words written this week, because there’s a big exercise going on at work which requires early mornings and late nights (well, later than normal).  So my energy and time available for writing will be reduced.  Again, that’s ok because it can’t be avoided and it’s not like I’ll get NO writing done.

Right.  Back to it then.  Until next time!