It’s a Ghost Town out there…

It’s funny how things change.

This time last year, I followed a bunch of Indie writers who were blogging all the time, about what they were writing, how they were doing, how awesome or scary or whatever the new world of publishing is, whatever.  Now?  Now I don’t spend as much time reading blogs.  Or writing them, for that matter.  Just looking at the monthly archives of my blog here will show that.  🙂

But neither do many of those other writers I used to follow.  A lot of them have gone silent on the blogosphere.  Of those who’ve gone silent, I know a bunch who simply are so busy writing and publishing that they’ve just said “screw it”, especially since it’s clear that blogging or “having a platform” is of far less importance than writing good stories…and a lot of them.  That said, it appears a bunch of them aren’t producing many stories anymore either.  I know of a couple who I know for certain have barely been writing at all, and a few more who have basically quit.

I hesitate to say that’s sad, because in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter if one writer or another decides not to write anymore in favor of something else.  Who knows?  Maybe those who have quit found something they like to do more?  Or life decided they had to prioritize something else they find more important for a while.  Far be it from me to question that.

But I remember Dean, and others, talking about how things would go a while back.  If I recall correctly, he predicted a lot of writers would try the Indie bit (well, he didn’t really…he predicted 95% of writers would never even try it) and give up when, after a short while, they didn’t quickly make it big.  Or they discovered it takes just as much work as the traditional route.  Or whatever.  Which I guess is what happens in the traditional world, too.

And if that is what’s happened, then I’m sad.  Because one should not give up on a goal or a dream just because it’s slow to come, or it’s hard.

I guess we’ll see how this all pans out.  But in the meantime, when I’m in the mood to waste time on the internet, I find there are a lot fewer blogs to waste time on these days, at least among the crowd I used to follow.  And that is rather distressing.