Story #19

Last night, I pushed publish on The Champion, the novella I wrote for Writers of the Future, Quarter 2.  WotF rejected it; I know exactly why.  The biggest issue was a very easy fix.  And so, now it is out there for everyone to enjoy, if they so wish.  That makes 19 stories published so far in my writing career.  Pretty sweet.

The details:

“The universe in balance is a lovely thing. Light balances Dark. Stars are born, live, grow old, and die. Their light goes out, but in the explosions of their deaths, they seed the universe with the material to create new light, and new life, elsewhere.” – Cornelius Bartleby

While the Light seeks to maintain the balance and preserve life, Dark powers seek to nudge the universe away from its balance and send it on a path to destruction.

Each generation fights the battle between Light and Dark, through Champions who willingly take up the mantle of their respective sides.

My name is Timothy Williams. I am the Champion of Light, and this is my story.

The Champion is a 17,200 word (about 80 printed pages) modern fantasy novella.

Included are sample chapters from Masters of the Sun, a post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, also by Michael Kingswood.



It is live now on Amazon and Nook.  I haven’t put it up on Smashwords yet; that’s the plan for tonight.

It’s a steal at $2.99.  Enjoy!