Glimmer Vale Cover Art

Hi everyone.

So I’ve been anxiously awaiting the cover art for Glimmer Vale, as I think I’ve mentioned before.  I contracted with Lucky Bat Books for the art, and Cindie, who runs the show over there, hooked me up with Jim Beveridge.  Dude is AWESOME!  It took him a little while to complete the job, but the results are well worth the wait.  Observe…

The ebook cover:

And the wraparound cover for the trade paperback:

Go ahead.  Tell me that isn’t FREAKING AWESOME!

I dare you.

That’s right.  You can’t.  Because that artwork rocks!

That said, I do have a couple TINY nits to pick.  I expect those will be cleared up in the next couple days though, and Glimmer Vale will be up electronically by week’s end, with the trade paperback edition following quickly on its heels.  Stay tuned.