Finally…Another One

I finished another short story tonight.  First one since the move, and since my bicycle injury.  It came in at 3,100 words and took 2.42 hours to write.  That comes out to 1284 words/hour.  Which is slower than normal for me, but actually not half bad, considering my hand is in a cast.  The problem is those 2.42 hours were spread out over seven writing sessions spanning sixteen days.  That is not so impressive at all.

Now, now, Kingswood, you’ve had a couple big life rolls.

Well that’s true.  And I’m not kicking myself too hard because of that.  But, even though it is quite a bit more tiring to type with this cast on than normal (it’s a bit of work for the shoulder), I can still do it.  I allowed myself to use it as an excuse.

And not just for writing; I put off really getting back into the dojo because of it.  But, but how can you do karate with a cast on your hand?  By not punching with that hand and not doing pushups.  But I can still block, and punch with the other hand, and kick.  So Thursday, my next class, I’m going.  Huzzah!

I’m also getting back into writing again, and it’s about time.  🙂

So what about this story, you ask?  What’s it about, and what’s it called?  Not gonna tell.  This one goes to Writers of the Future.  It’s somewhat scifi, but I’m not sure if it’s scifi enough, if you know what I mean.  But I need an entry for this quarter, and the quarter’s almost over.  So this story is it.  How knows?  Maybe it’ll get another Honorable Mention (or maybe  more).

Speaking of which, I think I mentioned that The Blob On The Rock got an HM.  It’s since been rejected by a couple mags.  Right now I’m waiting to hear from Analog.  If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll be releasing it myself, paired with Lords of the Remnant.  Then I just need two more scifi/fantasy stories and I’ll be ready for another collection of five and one of ten.  I suppose I could do the collection now, with my two Alex Mariner tales, but I’m not sure about crossing genre lines that broadly in a collection.  I guess I’ll just have to writer some more mysteries, too.  🙂

Last, but not least, seeing as Glimmer Vale is ready to go as soon as the cover art is finalized, I’ve entered it in a giveaway.  My better half is hosting a giveaway contest to support her business, and what kind of hubby would I be if I did not support?  So roll over to Busy Bee Boutique‘s Facebook page and check out the giveaway, will you?

That’s it for now.  Enjoy!