A Paperback Jar

As I mentioned before, I’ve been working on a Trade Paperback version of my short story collection, A Jar Of Mixed Treats.

I got the initial proof last week, and naturally found a couple typos that I’d missed before.  And, once again, I found I had stretched the back cover text a bit too far, so it slipped over the seam at the binding, which looks a bit ghetto if you ask me.

So I changed it.  Made it better.  Check it out:


The only problem, which you may have noticed, is that, though I tried to put some cool text on the spine, it ended up being too thin for Createspace to make it happen.  Their guidelines won’t allow spine text for less than 108 pages, and A Jar Of Mixed Treats comes in at 76.


Oh well.  You can’t have it all.  Where would you put it?

So yeah, it’s now approved and up for sale, for $7.99.  It’s live now on the Createspace e-store.  It’ll populate in Amazon in a few days, and to Barnes and Noble and the rest in a couple weeks.  Pretty sweet.  🙂