Proof Approved

I wrote before about the paperback version of Masters of the Sun.  And now for an update!

Even after getting the proof copy, I had some work to do.  Looking the proof over, I found a number of things I did wrong.  Which is why you order a proof in the first place.  So I fixed the issues, re-uploaded the files, and ordered a new proof.  And found more issues; or more specifically, I found the fixes I made did not look as good as the original version, so I had to re-fix the original version while keeping the look correct.  Which required another proof copy.  But literally a few minutes after ordering that proof copy, I decided, one last time, to look over some other physical books I had been using as examples while I worked on Masters.  And I realized I screwed up the ISBN formatting.  Which may not be a huge deal to Joe and Jane Schmuckitelli out there, but it is probably telling to someone who knows what he’s looking at.  So I fixed that, which required yet another proof copy.

But it’s all good.  Now, four proof copies later, I’ve got a product I’m happy with.  So this afternoon I pushed approve, and the book is now making its way through the Createspace distribution channels.  Woo!

I’ve only one nit to pick.  As soon as I pushed approve, the cover art in the product description page, which is what people in the stores’ websites see, shifted from the front cover art to a zoomed-in portion of the back cover.  A VERY zoomed in portion.  It’s horrible – just a bunch of mostly navy blue with the very left-most corner of my author photo available.  I sent an email to Createspace’s member services with the cover art file attached, asking them to fix the product description page.  Hopefully that will take care of that.

In the meantime, the product description page is supposed to look like this:

The print version is $12.95.  If anyone out there is really dying to get their hands on it, it’s available right now through the Createspace E-Store.  Otherwise, it’ll be available on Amazon in about a week or through the various distributors and other bookstores in the next several weeks (Createspace says it may take as long as 6 or 7 weeks for some of them).

Very cool.