Purchasing Socks

Over the last couple weeks, I submitted Who Ate My Sock? to several different publications.  Even though most advertised it would take 30 days or more to hear back from them, I got answers in just a handful of days.  So that’s cool.  What’s not cool is the answers were all in the negative.  Oh well.

That just means I get to put it up for sale myself as an ebook.

This morning, I spent some time making up a cover, then I went ahead and uploaded it to the various sites.  So, without further ado:

Justine’s mother gets angry when socks come up missing in the wash, and it just happened again. When she asks Justine to go into the basement to help with the laundry, Justine learns the reason behind her mother’s annoyance. And it is scary.

Who Ate My Sock? is a 2,100 word short story.  It is available for $.99 at Amazon and Smashwords.  Barnes and Noble, and the other Smashwords distribution channels, will get it in a week or two.