Progress Update

The last week has been very enlightening, writing-wise.  Since I’ve begun tracking my writing I’ve been amazed at my output.  Well maybe not amazed.  Pleased and impressed, maybe.

I’ve been working on my Writers of the Future story still.  At the beginning of last Wednesday, I had 5,876 words written.  As of this moment, I’m up to 15,058 words.  That’s 9,182 words in a little bit less than a week.  That’s ok, I guess.  Pretty good, in fact.  Not NaNoWriMo good, but good.  Oh, and I did not write at all on Sunday.  I worked on some cover art though.  That counts for something, just not for writing.  🙂

That’s cool and all, but the real metric to look at is time spent writing.  Over the last week I’ve written for 5.9 hours total, bringing my average output to 1,556.27 words/hr.  Also pretty good.  No professional, full-time good, but good.  I mean, 6 hours a week is barely part-time.  If I wasn’t working a day job and was just writing, I’d better be spending a lot more time writing than that.  But for me now, in my current living situation, I think that’s ok.

The best part about how this week’s gone is, like I pointed out in my earlier post, how easy it was.  Tracking my hours and words has really helped make it apparent how little effort (and by effort I mean stress and fretting, not that I don’t pay attention or work at what I’m writing when I’m writing – know what I mean?) I have to put in to get decent daily word counts.  🙂  So that’s good.

Right.  Guess I’ll get back to it then.  Although I’m starting to get nervous.  I’m at 15,000 words now.  The limit for WotF entries is 17,000.  I’m nearing the end…I think.  But I just may go over, in which case I’ll either have a bunch of editing and cutting to do or I’ll just have to write something else for them.  Gee, that would be too bad.  🙂

More to follow.