Speaking of Crappy Covers…

Possibly the absolute worst cover I’ve made to date is the one I put together for my short story collection, A Jar Of Mixed Treats.

Pretty horrid, right?  I thought I was being real clever.  The five stories in the collection are from different genres, but as was pointed out in its review, they’re fun, almost like treats themselves.  🙂  So I decided on that title and took a picture of the candy jar in my kitchen, with a bunch of different candies inside.  Looking back on it now, and after considering what the reviewer said about the cover in her review, I fully realized what I’d always known: the cover just sucks.

So tonight I decided to change it.  I had a much better idea, to use the cover art from the five stories on the cover of the collection.  So I spent a little time putting together the new cover and voila!

This is a vast improvement, I think.

The links to purchase this fine reading experience are to the right, a bargain at just $2.99.