Rock The House

I totally rocked my writing goal yesterday.

I wanted 5,000 words.  I got 5,579.  As Lightning McQueen says, Ka-CHOW!  That brings me up to 36,586 words this month toward Glimmer Vale for #NaNoWriMo.  That makes yesterday my best writing day ever, and ditto for this month.  Even in July, with my 30,000 word challenge, I didn’t end up with much more than 30,000 words total.  At this point, almost no matter what, I’ll end up with over 40,000 words.  And the 50,000 word NaNo goal is back in the totally doable box.  According to Scrivener and the NaNo website, I just need 2,682 words per day from here on out and I’ll make it.

Now, I intend to do more than that today and tomorrow.  My goal for today: get to 41,000 words.  Today’s target per the NaNo glide slope is 43,333 words.  So getting to 41,000 will put me right back in the running.  Then tomorrow if I can rock it again I could be back to even, or even slightly ahead of the game.  Sweet.

The really cool part is I like where Glimmer Vale is going quite a bit.  As always, I found myself adding scenes and events that I never had in mind at all when I first thought of the idea for the tale.  And that’s good; I think it’s a much more interesting story because of that.  And of course, it’s wicked fun.  Swordfights, magic, bandits, heros, lovely women with biting wits, a little bit of intrigue…shoot, what’s not to like?

Ok, I guess I’ll get back to it then.  Hope everyone else is having a great day!