More #NaNoWriMo News

Well, as you can tell from my word count banner to the right, I’m chugging along but I’m way behind.  By the end of tonight I should have a bit over 31,000 words done to be on target.  I’ll probably have 23,000 or so.

Man, Mike, you’ve really been screwing the pooch this week what the hell happened?

Well, I got some bad news at work that distracted me pretty hard.  I’ll be transferring sooner than planned…because I no longer have the job I used to.  Yup, I got fired.  Sucky!  Now, I’m still in the Navy, but the Naval career just got a big black mark on it, rendering further promotion doubtful.  So I was rather dispirited during the middle of this week.  I know, I know, I should have thrown that frustration into writing.  Well, I tried.  A little.  But I had these real life concerns like explaining things to my wife, dealing with the paperwork for what happened, fending off an endless flood of questions from friends and family wanting to know what happened and why, playing with the kids to encourage them and myself, things like that.  So I guess I can be forgiven for slacking in the writing arena for a  few days.

All is not lost, though.  If I average 2400 words per day for the rest of the month, I’ll win.

So I’m going to shut up now, and write.  Wish me more luck!