Man, I have completed SUCKED at writing this month.

Even when I have some free time, I find myself getting sucked into blogs, or forums, or whatever.  And then I catch myself and shut them off, or even shut the internet off completely.  But then I stare at the words I’ve already written for the scifi thriller, which is what I’m working on because I really want to finish it, and though I know where I want to go with it I either can’t bring myself or can’t figure out how to start.

So I’ve gotten essentially nothing done.

Which means that I should have shifted over to a different project.  But I’ve been stubbornly trying to get this book done and accomplished nothing.  It sure would have been cool to have a second novel out by Christmas for the anticipated mad rush.  Oh well….

Screw it.

It’s time to start getting ready for NaNoWriMo.