Delphinus – Up!

I was up fairly late last night.

On Sunday evening, I reread Delphinus.  And I can totally see why I didn’t place in Writers of the Future.  It was very clear that, in places, I’d rushed through it.  So last night I went through and added some dialogue and description to “show” instead of “tell”.  A big improvement.  I didn’t change much, but ended up adding about 400 words, bringing the total to 9,700.

After that, I went through and made a new “Other Books By The Author” page to stick in the back, hyperlinked to my other titles (for the Amazon edition at least.  The Smashwords edition isn’t because it gets distributed all over the place and I don’t think the various distribution channels would appreciate hyperlinks to stores other than their own).  Then I finished a cover that I started on Sunday, got the the rest of the document ready, and pushed “Publish”.

Delphinus is live now on Smashwords, and will go live on Amazon probably tomorrow.  With rounding, it came out to 10,000 words (or close enough), so I’ve priced it at $1.99.

Here’s the blurb:

Piter’s honeymoon was off to a splendid start. He and his bride had a fancy bridal suite on a luxury spaceliner and their own private view of the most beautiful aurora in the known galaxy. Then it all went to hell. Narrowly escaping the spaceliner’s destruction in a cargo shuttle, he, his bride, and five others crash onto an un-colonized moon, where they have to figure out how to survive until the rescue comes. Assuming it ever does.