August Wrap-Up

August has been a pretty good month.

I didn’t get as many new words written as in July.  To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how many words I wrote, truth to tell.  I don’t generally tally them up month by month.  But it was a relatively low amount.

That’s ok though, because I got a lot done.  Early in the month, I finally got around to releasing Passing in the Night, as well as three more short stories and a collection of five.  But I told all y’all that before.  Then. in the middle of the month, I got a bit more written on the scifi thriller.  Man, I really need to figure out a title for that story.  Finally, in the last week, I got the editor’s comments on Masters of the Sun.  As I mentioned before, it took a bit of time to get the corrections made.  Then I set to fixing the ending.  I finished that last night.  The fix ended up turning the final chapter into two, but it’s a lot better (the editor agrees, btw).  Tonight, after I post this, I’ll get to work on that chapter in the middle.  Once that’s done, it’ll be ready to release.  Finally.


That alone would make August a good month.  But the ebook sales…  Well, those just made it better.

I’ve not bothered to talk sales much to date, partly because I only had those two short stories up for sale so I didn’t really consider myself to have truly started trying to sell my stories.  Those first two were just an experiment in how to do the indie publishing thing, after all.  That said, they were really up for sale, and they did sell some.  So now that I’ve officially made a real start of it, I decided to tally up sales starting from when I first put Damsel and Falling Softly up.  Check it out:


As you can see, with just the two short stories, I sold 12 ebooks from February to July, across all channels.  One of those sales was through Amazon UK, which was pretty cool.  2 were through Apple, 2 form sony, and the rest through Amazon US.  Adding five more titles in August, I sold 14 in August alone, all but one through Amazon US.  The other was through Smashwords.  I know in the big scheme of things, that’s nothing at all.  But I’m pretty darn pleased about it.  🙂

But what does that mean in terms of dollars?  Well, let’s have a look:

Again, nothing huge.  I’ve earned $12.79 in royalties so far in 2011, about $8 of it in August.  Again, nothing much in the big scheme of things, but as far as I’m concerned it’s great.  Even better, by my math the sales in August finally puts my Amazon account over $10, which means I should actually get a paycheck at the end of October.  Pretty sweet, huh?

So yeah, a pretty good month.  With Masters just about ready to release, I expect September will be even better.

This is just the beginning of something great.  I’m looking forward to it!