A Pub-ing I Will Go

I’ve not done much writing in the last week.  Partly that’s because I’ve just been having a bunch of fun with my family.  But also it’s because I spent the week practicing covers and getting a bunch of my stories up for sale.

I’d been putting off publishing some of my short stories because I was waiting to hear from magazines or anthologies.  But also because I wanted to hit the market with a bang once Masters was ready to go.  Plus, maybe there was some (childish, I admit) trepidation about putting some of these stories out there.

Regardless, over the last week I decided to hunker down and git ‘r done.  So now everything I’ve written is up on Amazon and Smashwords, with B&N, Apple, et al to follow in a couple weeks once Smashwords distributes to them.  Everything, that is, except for Masters itself, In Your Sleep, and Delphinus.  There were a few more delays with the editor, but I expect the Masters edits by mid-week.  Probably it’ll be ready to put up in a week or so.  The other two are still on submission, so it’d be premature to epub them just yet.

But that makes five short stories and a novelette.  I also went ahead and compiled the five shorts into a collection, which I called A Jar Of Mixed Treats, and put that up for sale as well.  So I’ve got seven titles now, priced in accordance with the plan I discussed a little while back.  Eight once Masters is up.  It’s modest, but I think it’s a good start.  Guess we’ll see how the market reacts, eh?  So far I’m feeling good about it.  Within five minutes of loading Measuring Up onto Smashwords, someone purchased a copy there.  And since Saturday, some other kind people purchased two copies of Measuring Up and one of Passing In The Night on Amazon.

A good start.  🙂