No Dice

Well, I heard from Clarkesworld this evening.  No dice on publishing Lords of the Remnant with them.

That’s not really unexpected, considering how many submissions they get each month.  But still, it’s not as fun as hearing they loved it and wanted to pay me for it would have been, right?  Oh well.  Next task for that story is to decide where else to submit it to.  I initially wrote it to be the fifth a five-story collection to go along with Masters (not as a companion but as another title on the shelf, at a lower price point), so maybe I’ll just indie pub it, and call it even.

Speaking of that, I finally got going on putting some other shorts up this evening.  I got a nice swordfighting picture from istockphoto an made what I think is a good looking cover for Measuring Up, my second Larian story that I finished back in June.  Then tonight I uploaded it to KDP and Smashwords.  Not sure why I waited so long to get it up.  It was partially because I got distracted by other things, but not entirely.  I guess I’m just not sure how good it is, considering it’s basically the story of Larian’s first day in the army camp.  Nothing earth shattering happens or anything, which might be why I was doubting it.  Well, no more doubting: it’s up on Smashwords as we speak, for $.99.  It ought to be up on Amazon in a day or so, at the same price point, and then hopefully in a couple weeks it’ll be at the various Smashwords distribution outlets.

Next, I’m going to put up A Chat Before Dinner and one other, then make my first collection and put it up, too.  Combine that with Masters next week, assuming all goes as planned, and I’ll have seven titles up by the middle of the month.  Which ain’t too bad.

It’s good to be making progress on the bookshelf finally.

Anyway, dear readers, your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to swing by Smashwords, or in a day or two swing to Amazon, and pick up a copy of Measuring Up.  While you’re at it, pick up How NOT To Rescue A Damsel In Distress, Larian’s first adventure, and Falling Softly, a fantasy tale of assassination.  I think you’ll probably enjoy reading them, and I’ll love you long time for giving them a shot.

Have a great night!