Little Vacation

I’ve gotten no writing done since last Friday.  And that’s ok.  After being away from my family for a couple weeks, I decided to just hang with them all weekend.  Then the first couple days of this week…well, I just continued taking it easy.  What can I say?  After hitting it hard for those 10 days, I just felt like chilling.  Sue me.  🙂

Not that I haven’t gotten anything done.  I spent a lot of time pouring through istockphoto and a couple other stock photo sites for potential future cover art pictures.  I intend to go on getting novel covers done professionally, at least for the near future.  But short stories?  I can’t see paying several hundred dollars for that.  So I need to develop the skills to make a good cover.

On a different note, I’m just about ready to (finally) release Masters for sale.  My editor is in the middle of her read-through of the MS.  Initial feedback is quite positive, so that’s encouraging.  At this point, I’m expecting her comments at the end of the week.  Assuming no huge issues, Masters ought to be released by the end of next week.  Pretty cool.

Guess that means I should start looking into blog tours, promotion, and the like.  That said, call me a philistine, but I can’t say I’m interested in that sort of thing at all.  The more I read about the effectiveness of writers trying to market their work, the more I think it’s a useless gesture.  So I think I’ll just write more, and publish what I finish.

But we’ll see.  For now, I’m going to call it a night.  Enjoy, all.