Flawless Victory

Most importantly, my little man’s surgery went off without a hitch.  He’s out of the ICU and into the normal cardiology ward.  Chest tube’s removed, and he’s sleeping soundly.  Earlier he was up and watching Disney Channel, but it’s good for him to sleep and heal.  The Doc says he should be up and walking around by tomorrow, and we should be discharged Monday or Tuesday.  Pretty sweet!

I’m amazed.  I figured open-heart surgery would be a lot more traumatic for him.  But the surgeon used a minimally invasive technique that only required cutting about 1/3 of his breastbone.  Since ribs on kids his age have a high percentage of cartilage still, that’s all he had to do to access his heart.  So the incision was only 4 or 5 cm long.  Beyond that, they used that skin glue the Army developed to close the incision, so there’s no worries about stitches or what not, except for the hole for the chest tube.  So yeah….totally less of an event than we thought it would be.


The other victory, of less importance, but still cool, is in the writing world.  I put the final words down for the first draft of Masters this morning.  Stick a fork in it, it’s DONE!

Yeah, that’s right.  I’m the man.

Or something like that.

So it’s been a good couple days.  Now to find some readers who will give me honest feedback…  Any takers?