Got home to some good news tonight.

As I’ve talked about before, I’ve had issues getting my act squared away when it comes to Smashwords.  It was a little frustrating having the ability to compile direct to .epub and .mobi from Scrivener, but then being required to start from a .doc file to work with Smashwords.  Then, even after following their formatting guidelines, some of the formats that meatgrinder converted my files to are just JACKED (the plain text format comes to mind).  Spacing is inconsistent, the title doesn’t center, things like that.  I ended up taking my business’ logo out of the documents, since no matter what I did, the damn thing would never wind up centered after Smashwords got through with it.

Eventually, I got all the kinks worked out from the meatgrinder (at least all that appeared possible), then sat back to wait for the premium channel evaluation.  I foresaw additional problems, but amazingly enough, Falling Softly got accepted for premium distribution today, and I guess will be shipped off to Apple, Kobo, Diesel, et al on Thursday.  I guess I’ll unpublish Falling on Pubit now, since I can get a higher royalty publishing it on B&N through Smashwords than directly.  Not that anyone’s bought it from there yet, but someday that may happen.

So I guess I’ve got Smashwords figured out.  Sort of.  I’m still looking forward to the day when they just accept .mobi and .epub without having to go through meatgrinder.