I hate when this happens…


The writing is hard this week.

The latest update to Scrivener has a cool feature.  You could always set targets for each writing session, by word count.  In the new version, you can assign a due date for the project, and it’ll compute, based on the total targeted word count for the project and the due date, how many words you have to put down each day to make the due date.  It’ll also reset the session’s word count each day at midnight, so you can’t carry one writing session over onto multiple days.

That’s great.  Until you have a writing week like I have.  On Saturday, the required word count was 950, to reach my 30 April target date, and 75,000 words for Masters.  Not that I’m sure I’ll need 75,000 words.  It’ll probably be less than that at this rate.  Maybe.  Then again, 13,000 words ago I though I’d be done in 15,000, and there’s still a lot to do, so who the hell really knows?  Unfortunately, I proceeded to get all of 1,500 words written between then and now.  Tonight, the required word count to meet my goal is 1,157 words/day.


I really need to have a few 2,000 – 3,000 word days, or this is going to get downright depressing.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m having such difficulty this week.  Except that I’ve had to get up quite early many mornings, making late nights a no-no.  And it’s just been hard to really feel enthused.  Odd.

Oh well, I’ll just push through it.  Back to work!