Clever Lady

My wife is too clever by far, sometimes.

Saturday afternoon, we were talking about movies, and the conversation turned to Kevin Spacey.  I mentioned how he rocked in Seven and in The Usual Suspects, and she replied that she had never seen The Usual Suspects.

My jaw hit the floor.

How could she have not seen that movie?  It’s a classic!  Plus, we own the DVD!

That did it.  As soon as the kids fell asleep, in went the DVD.  I sat back, prepared to enjoy, not just the movie, but her pleased amazement over the reveal at the end.

But then, she ruined it.

She figured out that Kevin Spacey’s character really was Kaiser Sozei about 1/3 of the way through the movie.  I mean, who the hell figured THAT out?  I sure didn’t.  Neither did anyone else I know.

The next day, we were driving around, and I complimented her on her astute call.  She replied that it was obvious.  I scoffed and replied that next she was going to say she knew the whole time that Bruce Willis’ character was actually dead in The Sixth Sense.  She said, “Duh!  That was obvious too!”.


I am officially outmatched, when it comes to figuring out movie twists.