Passing in the Night

I just finished Passing in the Night, the story I wrote for Writers of the Future.  So I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  Not that anyone’s surprised by that.  It came in at 11,975 words, so it’s quite a bit bigger than I initially thought it would be.  But that’s ok.  It needs to be as big as it needs to be, and Writers of the Future accepts up to 17,000 words.  So that makes 12,000 words in the last two weeks.  Not too bad.  If I could keep that pace up all year, I’d end up with over 300,000 words on the year.  Not too shabby at all, from what I’ve seen around the writing blogosphere.  So now it’s time to proofread, and send it to some folks for feedback.  It’ll have to be quick, since the entry is due by the first.  But it’s doable.

I’m posting the blurb for Passing in the Night on my Short Stories page, if anyone’s curious.

The one question I have, and I haven’t found a good answer yet, is what to do with Passing while it’s being judged at Writers of the Future.  The Contest rules state that writers who submit keep all the rights to their stories, but there’s got to be some kind of rule or something about publishing the story while the Contest is actually in progress.  It seems disrespectful, at the least, to submit it for publication, or put it up for sale on Kindle, before the results are in.  Or maybe I’m over thinking it.  Wouldn’t be the first time I did that.

So we’ll see how this goes.  It’ll be fun, regardless, but wouldn’t it be cool to do well in the Contest?