Falling Softly

I didn’t write at all on Thursday.  Between work and family matters, it was just too hectic until after the kids finally fell asleep.  By then, I was wiped and didn’t have any creativity in me.  Friday, I got about 600 words down in one of those middle scenes I was complaining about the other day.  But overall, it was not the most productive end to the work week.

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from Masters and write another short story.  I got started after dinner, as the kids were winding down at around 7 pm.  I finished right around midnight, cover and all.  It’s called Falling Softly, and it came in at just over 2900 words.  It’s the tale of an assassin’s (hopefully) final job before he can leave the killing business and start a normal life.  I posted it under short stories, above.

Today, I intend to get some more work done on Masters and get the forms filled out for registering a sole proprietorship in New York State before the Super Bowl starts.  I don’t intend to put these stories up for sale just yet: I’d like to have at least five short stories, for sale individually and as a collection, before I start a presence on the ebook sellers.  More titles seems to mean more exposure and more sales, so I might as well build up some inventory and get started with a bang.  There’s no rush, after all.  All the same, it’s better to the all the paperwork done sooner rather than later.