Pre-Order: The Falconer’s Stairs

It’s official.  The release date is set, and The Falconer’s Stairs (Glimmer Vale Chronicles #5) is now up for pre-order everywhere.

Jared Tolburt twice almost cost Raedrick Baletier and Julian Hinderbrook their lives: once when he turned on them while they were fleeing the Army, and again when he unwittingly led a group of bandits into Glimmer Vale.  While fighting off the bandits, Raedrick and Julian found a cryptic, magically protected letter that hinted at the location of a great treasure.  Now, with help from Melanie Klemins, Lydelton’s resident mage, Tolburt intends to claim that treasure for his own.

The treasure is hidden far away from Glimmer Vale, and guarded by both physical and magical obstacles.  With Raedrick unable to travel due to his wife’s pregnancy and Melanie eager to assist Tolburt in his quest, Julian has to do the last thing he ever wanted: travel with and help the man he trusts least in the world.

Far from their home and beset with dangers of all kinds, Julian, Melanie, and Tolburt will have to depend on each other even to survive, let alone succeed in their quest for The Falconer’s Stairs.

But Tolburt already sold Julian out once when the going got tough.  What’s to say he would not do it again?

The sale price is $4.99, and the release date is 15 April.  Members of my Advanced Reviewers Program will receive their review copies by next Sunday, 26 March.

So go, grab a copy.  Read, enjoy, and leave a review somewhere!


Wedding Gifts

I’ve been teasing everyone about the next book in the Glimmer Vale Chronicles for a long time now.  But no kidding, The Falconer’s Stairs is just about done.  Finally.  We’re targeting 15 April for the release.  But in the meantime, I’ve another little morsel to tell everyone about.

I wrote a short story in the Glimmer Vale Chronicles world for an anthology that I ended up not participating in because of scheduling issues.  It’s called Wedding Gifts, and it’s set between Robbed Blind and The Falconer’s Stairs.  In light of the impending release of the next book, that story is now up for Pre-Order everywhere that it can be (for some reason, Barnes and Noble doesn’t let us do pre-orders yet).  Release will be Wednesday, 15 March.

(Not a very extensive pre-order, I know.  Does it really need to be, though?)

Here are the details:

It’s three hours until the wedding of Raedrick Baletier to Lani Millens, and Melanie Klemins doesn’t have a present for them.  Not for lack of trying.  She had an enchantment all ready to go for Raedrick’s new cloak, but one simple mistake sent the cloak flying away out the window under its own power.

So now it’s up to Julian Hinderbrook to find the cloak and retrieve it, or the wedding will be ruined and the couple’s magical day tarnished forever.

No pressure, right?

Wedding Gifts is a 4,600 word short story, about 15 printed pages.  It is set between Books 4 and 5 of the Glimmer Vale Chronicles.

It’s $0.99 for the general public.  I sent a free copy to my mailing list, and I’ll also be giving a copy to all of my Patreon patrons (of all levels).


Release Day

It’s December 4th, which means….

*drum roll*

It’s release day!

*cheers echo throughout the room*


That’s right!  Robbed Blind, the fourth book of the Glimmer Vale Chronicles, is now out there for the world to grab and enjoy.

Robbed Blind Ebook Cover 700x1060

A stunning robbery threatens to bring Lydelton’s economy to its knees, and it is up to Julian and Raedrick to find the culprits. With the year’s first trading caravan in town and the missing funds needed for vital transactions, time is of the essence. Fortunately, the Constables have assistance in the form of a team of Royal Marshalls, in town for a prisoner transfer. But they have an agenda of their own, and Raedrick and Julian must tread carefully to avoid revealing the secret of their own past.

With few leads and little time, the Constables will need to use all of their skill and wit to solve the case and save their adopted home from ruin.


The ebook is $4.99 and can be found on Amazon, KoboiBooks, SmashwordsInktera, and Scribd.  Nook and Google Play are still processing, but it should be live there shortly.


Alas, it is not available in print at this time, because of an unexpected problem with the cover art for the print version. I expect the problem to be resolved shortly, and will get the print version out there as soon as possible.  Stay tuned here for updates.


So that’s what’s new around here.  Go pick up a copy already!

New Release

Hola folks!

As I promised last week, Robbed Blind, Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4, is now up for pre-order.

Robbed Blind Ebook Cover 700x1060

A stunning robbery threatens to bring Lydelton’s economy to its knees, and it is up to Julian and Raedrick to find the culprits. With the year’s first trading caravan in town and the missing funds needed for vital transactions, time is of the essence. Fortunately, the Constables have assistance in the form of a team of Royal Marshalls, in town for a prisoner transfer. But they have an agenda of their own, and Raedrick and Julian must tread carefully to avoid revealing the secret of their own past.

With few leads and little time, the Constables will need to use all of their skill and wit to solve the case and save their adopted home from ruin.

The release is set for 4 December, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, and Kobo.


I also took the liberty of combining five of my novellas and novelettes into a single book.  This is the second time I’ve done this.  The first was called Tales of Adventure, so I went ahead and called this one Tales of Adventure #2.

Tales of Adventure 2 700x1050

A sword-for-hire quests to defeat an evil Necromancer.

A young girl discovers that music has a magic of its own.

An FBI interrogator discovers a chilling conspiracy.

A shipwreck unleashes a supernatural monster onto the inhabitants of a tropical island.

A washed-up electrician battles a monster from beyond our universe.

Tales of Adventure #2 is a collection of five science fiction and fantasy novelettes and novellas: The Necromancer’s Lair, A Note Of Magic, Facilitated Interrogation, The Beast And The God-Woman, and What Lurks Between.

It’s now available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play.  Smashwords will follow shortly.


Go.  Buy.  Read.  Enjoy.

And leave some reviews.


The Pericles Conspiracy – Chapter Twenty

Tuesday afternoon, and the sun is bright, the weather warm (hey, I’m in San Diego.  Sue me.  😛 ).   That means it’s time for another chapter from The Pericles Conspiracy.  We’re now almost a third of the way through; it’ll take a few more months to reach the end.  As always, if you don’t want to wait you can go buy it (it’s available in ebook and trade paperback) from AmazonBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords, or  iTunes.

The Pericles Conspiracy Cover

Chapter Twenty

Taking Flight

In spite of the hour, the short term parking lot at Quito International Airport was still about a third full.  The last flights would not depart and arrive for another hour or so.  That was some comfort; they would stand out completely in an empty parking lot.

Malcolm drove through the swing-arm gate and into the lot.  Sitting in the passenger seat, Jo looked over at the terminal and, for a moment, the irony of the airport naming convention struck her.  It’s not like there still were nation states to speak of – just the Coalition itself and its member states, then the various provinces and localities beneath them.  Yet still people called some airports International and some Regional.  It was funny now that she stopped to think about it, just like starfarers using nautical terminology onboard ship.  Jo supposed it was comforting, or something, to harken back to old traditions like that.  But still, funny.

“Look for a yellow van,” Malcolm said, bringing Jo back to the present.  He turned down the first row of parked cars and drove slowly down it, peering side to side intently.

Jo shook herself back to alertness.  This was no time to be daydreaming.  Or nightdreaming, she smirked to herself as she glanced at the car’s chronometer.

They traversed the parking lot twice without spotting the van.  Malcolm frowned and pulled into a spot near the exit gates and turned off the car’s lights.  He left the engine running, though.

“I guess we wait,” Jo said.  “This guy is reliable, right?”

Malcolm half-shrugged.  “He’s not the most punctual person ever.  But he knows his stuff and is good in a pinch.”

Jo turned to look at the parking lot entrance, an anxious knot beginning to grow in her belly.  This was bad.  They needed to keep moving, not sit around where Agent Moore and her comrades could catch up to them.  But moving would not do much good unless they removed the locator.


Jo found herself wringing her hands as the minutes ticked by, no matter how many times she forced herself to stop.  Finally a yellow van pulled up to the entrance gate.  She perked up and nudged Malcolm, who followed her gaze to the van and nodded.

“That’s him,” Malcolm said.

The van meandered around the parking lot for a few moments, almost as though the driver could not decide where to park.  Finally it pulled into the space next to them.  The driver did not get out.

Malcolm looked at Jo seriously.  “All set?” he asked.

She took a deep breath and nodded.  Malcolm returned the nod and turned off the car’s engine.  “Make sure you have everything,” he said.  “We may have to leave in a hurry.”  Then he opened the car door and stepped out.

Jo did a quick check of her belongings.  She did not have much: just her handbag and the weapons she took from the agents in the Parque.  Hardly enough to make it for very long on the run.  But there was not much choice was there?  Shaking her head, she got out of the car.

Malcolm stood at the passenger-side door of the van.  The window was rolled down, but Jo could not see inside from her angle.  Malcolm nodded in response to something she did not hear and the side door in the rear of the van slid open.

The inside of the van was set up like a lab, a first aid station, and a communications center all rolled into one.  Surprise made her not notice the man who stepped back from the driver’s seat until he spoke.

“Are you going to introduce me, Robert?”

The man, Raúl no doubt, was short and slender, with thin limbs and a pencil neck that clashed with his unexpectedly broad shoulders.  He kept his black hair tied into a ponytail at the nape of his neck and a short beard on his face.  He wore jeans and a t-shirt depicted the logo for a band that Jo had never heard of, and sandals on his feet.  His skin was well tanned, though he looked pale compared to Malcolm, and his eyes were dark behind wire rimmed spectacles.  Jo was surprised by that; glasses were almost unheard of these days, with the ease of corrective surgery or implants.  But then, a person without a database implant was a rarity too, so who was Jo to judge?

Malcolm gestured toward the man in the van and said, “Jo, meet Raúl Ramirez, a legend in his own mind.”

Raúl made a sound that was halfway between a snort and a chuckle and reached with his right hand toward Jo.  She shook it and was pleased to find he had a strong, confident grip.  She smiled in a manner that she hoped was friendly and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Raúl returned the smile with a broad grin.  “The pleasure is mine, Jo.”  Releasing her hand, he looked from Jo to Malcolm and rubbed his hand together.  “Well, if you’ll join me inside, we can get down to business.”

They stepped up into the van and Raúl tapped a control panel.  The door slid shut silently, cutting out the outside world.  Once the door closed, Raúl looked Jo over again.

“I assume you have the locator, no?”

Jo nodded and pointed at the meat of her shoulder.

Raúl nodded.  “Sub-cutaneous injection, huh?”  He looked back at Malcolm.  “How much time do you have?”

Malcolm spread his hands in a gesture of ignorance.  “No idea.  They could be coming around the corner any minute for all we know.”

Raúl shook his head and gestured toward the racks of communication gear in the front of the van’s cargo area.  “No one’s mentioned you on the police bands.”

“And they won’t,” Malcolm replied.  “It’s an NSA operation.”

“Hijo de puta,” Raúl muttered.  More loudly, he said, “That’s going to cost you double.”

Malcolm scowled and opened his mouth, no doubt to protest, but Raúl beat him to it.  “Double, Robert, or you can get the fuck out right now.  I don’t need to spend any more time in the lockup.”

Malcolm and he traded stares for a brief moment, then Malcolm nodded.

Raúl smiled again.  “All right.  Robert, drive the van.  Stay on the main roads where there’s still traffic.”

Malcolm nodded and moved up to the driver’s seat.

Raúl turned back to Jo.  “Have a seat and roll up your sleeve.  This should just take a minute.”

As Jo moved to the bench at the very rear of the van, she felt the engine start up and the vehicle begin to move.  Then she lost her balance and fell onto the bench with a thud as Malcolm hit the breaks a little too hard.

“Hey,” she shouted.

“Sorry.  Brakes are tighter than I’m used to,” came the reply from the front.

Raúl shook his head and smirked.  “Many men have trouble with control when it’s tighter than normal, am I right?”  He winked at her and raised his eyebrows in a lecherous manner.

Jo glowered and almost smacked him, but thought better of it before doing so.  He must have realized it though, because his smirk faded quickly, replace by a wary, almost disappointed expression.

“Let’s just get on with it, Raúl,” she said, and rolled up her sleeve until the fabric bunched up around the top of her shoulder and armpit.

The van moved forward again as Raúl pulled a drawer of various tools out from a bin in the wall.  He fished around inside for a moment, then emerged with a portable MRI and what looked like a pair of pinchers.  Jo recognized the MRI unit from the medical supplies onboard ship.  They were extremely expensive; more than she earned in a run from Sol to Gliese and back.  Where the hell did Raúl get it?  He did not look the type to be rolling in money.  Jo almost asked but realized she probably did not want to know.

“Alright.  Hold still for a second,” Raúl said.  He attached the clamps on the MRI to either side of the meat in her shoulder then spent a brief moment adjusting some of the machine’s settings.  After a moment he nodded to himself and tapped the control pad.  The MRI began to hum.

In Jo’s experience, portable MRIs did not require much time to warm up, but this one seemed to take forever.  Although, she was forced to admit it could have been her nerves that made to seem to take as long as it did.  Finally, the unit made a soft beeping sound and Raúl tapped the control pad again.

A display built into the wall of the van flashed to life, revealing a false-color image of the inside of Jo’s shoulder.  She blinked, fascinated, and leaned forward to see better.  She had seen MRI readouts before, but never before one of her own body.  It was a very different experience.

“Ah.  There’s the little bugger,” Raúl said in a slow near-purr of satisfaction, and pointed to the lower left quadrant of the scan.

Even with his direction, Jo could not find the locator for a long moment.  When she finally did, she was underwhelmed.

“That’s it?” she said incredulously.  The thing could not have been more than two millimeters long, maybe three.

Raúl nodded.  “It does not have to be large.  It gets its power from the electric potential within your body and only transmits when queried from elsewhere.  When it transmits, the Feds triangulate its position using the web nodes nearby.”

Interesting, but right then Jo could have cared less how the thing worked.  Get it out, already, she wanted to shout.  Instead, she just nodded.

“Now,” Raúl said as he began adjusting his pincher tool, “if I’d had more time to prepare, I would have a good anesthetic ready.”  He looked up from his tool with an apologetic expression.  “As it is, I’m afraid this may hurt a little.”

Oh great.  Jo gritted her teeth and nodded again.  Might as well get on with it.

Raúl made one last adjustment on his pinchers, then hefted them and leaned forward.  He paused for a moment, studying the MRI display again.  Then he nodded to himself and moved the pinchers toward Jo’s shoulder.

A sudden lurch sent Raúl stumbling forward onto Jo.  They both slid across the bench into the van’s wall with a painful thump, followed by a metallic rattle as the MRI unit became dislodged from her shoulder and fell to the floor.  The MRI display went black.

“What the hell, Robert?” Raúl shouted as he and Jo extricated themselves from each other.

Malcolm’s voice was strained as he replied, “I think they’ve found us.”

“Son of a bitch,” Jo and Raúl said in unison.

*  *  *  *  *

I hope you enjoyed this chapter of The Pericles Conspiracy.  Stay tuned in a few days for the next chapter, or, if you don’t want to bother waiting half a year to read the entire book, you can always go buy it (it’s available in ebook and trade paperback) from AmazonBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords, or  iTunes.

It’s 2014 And I Feel Like Crap

…or at least I felt like crap.  I’m actually feeling much better today.  But yesterday and the day before?  Fugedaboutit.  Hacking cough, fever/chills, splitting headache, sore throat, queasiness – you name it, I had it.  Yuck.

Note to self.  No more 1/2 marathons with 37F starting temperatures.  I blame my cold on that little bit of foolishness, right there.  The San Diego Holiday 1/2 Marathon, this past Sunday.  Great race.  Great fun.  Awesome finisher’s medal:


But changing from cold to exertion to warm but no exertion to a bit chilly as I cooled down to warm to chilly again as evening rolled in did a number on my system.  Monday afternoon I developed a cough.  Tuesday morning I was still ok, but by Tuesday afternoon I was AFU.  Good thing it was an early day at work on Tuesday or it would have been ugly.

Suffice it to say that New Years Eve here was non-eventful.  I did not see past 2100.  Yesterday was not that much better.  But now I seem to be past the worst of it.  Unfortunately, our 3 year old seems to have caught what I have/had; he’s been thoroughly miserable today, poor little guy.  🙁

So…a pretty cruddy start to the New Year, physically.

But wait!  There’s more!  And it’s good!

I did manage to gather up enough energy yesterday to give the final approvals, so now Out-Dweller, Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 is out for the world to consume, in all its glory.  🙂

Glimmer2_Cover_Art - Ebook 600x900

A series of brutal murders has shocked the normally quiet town of Lydelton.  With no idea of the culprit’s identity, or even how the murders were committed, the townsfolk have become suspicious of each other, teetering on the edge of panic.  As the town Constables, Raedrick and Julian must put a stop to the murders and bring the killer to justice.   Somehow.

Before they can do that, the arrival of a member of the Magestirium poses another dilemma.  Because their friend Melanie is a mage, in violation of the laws forbidding women from practicing the magical arts, and the Magestirium’s wrath against those who break their laws is legendary.

But protecting their friend’s secret while saving the town from a horrifying killer may not be possible, since defeating this killer will require every resource Lydelton can muster.

Out-Dweller is now live 0n all your favorite ebook stores: Amazon, Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords.  Apple, Sony,  and the others will follow shortly (Apple would be live already if their direct upload process wasn’t such a PITA…but that’s a different rant entirely).  The print version is also available.  I get the most money if you get it direct from Createspace, but if you’d rather find it at Amazon and B&N, you can do that instead.

The giveaways (for Glimmer Vale and Out-Dweller) are finished over at Goodreads, the winners chosen, and I’ll have their copies of the books mailed off within a week.  I considered just drop-shipping the winners’ copies straight from Createspace, but I think it’s more classy to sign and personalize the copy for the individual winners, so I’m going to take the time to do that.  Hopefully no one minds.  🙂

So that bit of goodness sort of balances out the bad of illness.  Almost.  Not quite.

As you can imagine I’ve gotten no writing done so far this year.  Hell, I got basically no writing done all of December.  More on that later; I’ll do an end-of-the-year wrap-up post tomorrow or this weekend.  And I’ll get back to posting chapters of The Pericles Conspiracy.  I haven’t forgotten about it, it’s just been lower on my priorities list than getting settled in our new house, and then the Holidays, and then…well, you know.

Excuses, excuses.



Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time and energy for tonight.  Gonna hit the sack a bit earlier tonight too.  Sleep seems to help with healing and getting over illness.  Seems like I heard that somewhere once.   🙂

Right.  Until next time, then.  Have a good one!


The Pericles Conspiracy is now out there, for the reading public to consume.

I am, of course, psyched.  And you should be too, because Pericles is, if I do say so myself, a great read.  😉  You guys really need to check it out.

The Pericles Conspiracy Cover

Josephine Ishikawa changed the course of history, but no one knows it.

She cannot talk about what happened during her last shift as Captain of the starliner Pericles, nor does she care to. She passed the ball to the authorities, like procedure required, and now has her sights set on getting Pericles through a major maintenance overhaul and back out to the stars.

Until she learns of a betrayal so large it defies belief, leaving Jo to decide between the life she loves and her duty to the beings she brought back from outer space. Her decision will affect not just her future, but possibly the futures of everyone on Earth and the other colonized worlds.

Available for purchase now on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo (though for some strange reason the cover art does not appear on the Amazon sales page.  I’ve contacted them to get the problem fixed, but so far no joy).  Nook will follow probably tomorrow, depending on how fast they process the files, and the other sites will follow as Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital get them out through their distribution channels.

But I know what you’re thinking.  Kingswood, how do I know if I’ll like it?  Well you can download a sample, you know.  But just in case you want something more, I’ll sweeten the pot.  Passing In The Night, the prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy is now free on Smashwords and Kobo.  Download it and you’ll get a nice little novelette to chew on, as well as the first scene from Pericles.  If that doesn’t wet your whistle…not sure what will.  🙂

Passing In The Night Cover (Revised)

A year-long shift in the middle of the interstellar void can get pretty boring.  For the Fourth shift crew of the starliner Pericles, enroute to Earth from one of the colony worlds, the passage could best be called routine.

Until the forward sensors detect an unknown and unexpected object ahead.  What they find there, in the endless night of space, will forever change the universe, for them and for the all mankind.

Go ahead and download Passing In The Night, and enjoy.  And if you want to do me a favor, swing over to Amazon’s Passing In The Night sales page and let them know that the story is free elsewhere, so they’ll price match.  I want it free on Amazon as well, so everyone can get a free taste.

Right.  Thanks, everyone.  Cheers!